One Crazy Night! -Justin’s Birth Story

Justin’s birth story is one that would scare any parent, but to Jess and I the only word that fits is Miracle. After Jess got home from work she was having some contractions so she laid down for a while and they seemed to ease and go away. Shortly after we went to bed they started again and continued to build which kept her from falling asleep.  Below is the time line of the events that let up to Justin’s birth.

11:22 Jess woke Dan up to tell him she was having strong contractions so she called U of M triage to tell them about short but intense contractions. Jess was told to lie on her side and drink 3 cups of water and call back in an hour or if there was a change.

12:01am Contractions were worse and we knew a trip to Ann Arbor was needed so Dan called Jess’s mom Donna to get Andy. Dan started packing our “go bags” in his truck.

12:10 Jess’s water broke while enduring a contraction on the couch!

12:12 called 911, told them we had a high risk pregnancy and needed help getting to the hospital

12:13 called Donna while Dan was unpacking truck and told her Jess’s water broke

12:15 Ambulance & fire department arrived just after Donna and Dan got here to pick up Andy. They got Jess situated and said they were going to take her to St. John Macomb. Donna and Dan knew she had to go to St. John Main as they have a NICU and 24 hour coverage by a neonatologist, Macomb does not. They had to call for special permission but Donna was persistent as to where she be taken as I was giving one of the EMS techs a history of Justin’s condition.

12:32 in ambulance on way to St. John Main

12:45 arrived at hospital

12:54 Justin Born! Yes 9 minutes after the ambulance pulled up to the hospital Justin was born. The following 15 minutes were terrifying as Justin was immediately taken across the room to an infant resuscitation station. All we could do was watch, pray and cry as they performed CPR and ventilated our little baby. Finally we heard he had a heart rate and was breathing with assistance. He was then taken to the NICU to be stabilized. Donna and Kristin, Jess’s mom and sister arrived shortly after to be with us.

2:15 neonatologist came in to update us that Justin was stabilizing. Oxygen level was good and blood gases were good indicating he was not under too much stress at birth. He also explained what they were doing and hooking him up to. He said we could see him in a while. We had just witnessed a miracle, for a baby with underdeveloped (due to his CDH) AND premature lungs to survive birth we believe was an answer to prayer and allowed us to have a few precious days together.

3:30 Dr came to get us to go see baby. Jess, Dan, Donna and Kristin got to meet him for the first time.

IMG_6708IMG_6702 IMG_6692

4:20 finally got to put our heads down…but didn’t really sleep.

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