Day 4

3/1 (Friday am) – Justin’s numbers and settings needed to be adjusted. They adjusted the ventilator to blow off more carbon dioxide, there may be some air in his intestines which could be causing his some discomfort. His oxygen was at 92 or less and needed to be at least 94. He’s taking more breaths on his own, but needs to be sedated more so the ventilator can do its job. He’s on only 2 blood pressure meds now. They had to turn his Nitric Oxide up (yesterday they were able to wean him off it).

3/1 (Friday afternoon) – Justin’s numbers have stabilized and the nurse was able to wean down his 2 blood pressure meds again (I.E. he was at 15/15, then 8/8, now 2/2). He was also tested this afternoon for his blood type in order to get a blood transfusion. They have been taking his blood every few hours to check his blood gases and he now needs some blood.

He had another echo this afternoon which showed lower pressure (which is great news), the PDA (blood vessel which is open) is still present, but the Dr. is ok with that for now. Justin will receive another echo on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Below is some of the equipment and medications it took to support Justin.







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